What is Dododex Pro?

Dododex Pro is an upgrade that removes ads (and a way to support the app’s development) and gives you access to Night Mode.

Dododex Pro includes all of the same features that the existing app has with the addition of Night Mode, a darker theme for the app. It is available as an in-app purchase for $4.99 USD, however, please note that pricing varies slightly between currency.

Can I transfer Dododex Pro between an iOS and an Android phone?

Dododex Pro (which is an in-app purchase) can be transferred across devices on the same platform (iOS or Android) if you are also signed in to that device and the device). Just tap “Restore Purchases” on the Dododex Pro screen.

In-app purchases cannot be transferred across platforms (you cannot transfer an Android phone purchase to an iPad for example). This is not something that developers are able to control – Apple and Google handle all in-app purchases, payments, etc., so it’s not possible for an iOS device to recognize a purchase made on an Android device.

NOTE: Sometimes it make take a few hours for a purchase to fully settle before it becomes available on another device.

Can I share Dododex Pro using Family Sharing?

  • On iOS, you can share Dododex Pro using Family Sharing. Another family member can use the “Restore Purchases” function on the Dododex Pro screen.
  • On Android, in-app purchases cannot be shared. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to allow family sharing for Dododex Pro.