I purchased Dododex Pro but I'm still seeing ads

Upgrading to Dododex Pro removes ads in the app. If for some reason, the ads are still showing, it’s usually a very simple fix.

1. Confirm that the ads you’re seeing are Dododex ads

Dododex ads are anchored to the bottom of the app.

  1. Ads on the Official Ark Wiki are not Dododex ads, and will not be removed with Dododex Pro.
  2. Dododex Pro is a mobile purchase; it does not apply to dododex.com, however, if you’re seeing a dododex.com page within the Dododex app that has ads on it, please let me know.
  3. Dododex does not serve pop-up or full-screen ads. If you’re seeing a full-screen ad, it is likely not a Dododex ad; a few Android users have mistakenly reported intrusive ads on Dododex that ended up being malware on their phone from some other app.

2. Restore your purchase

If for some reason, there was an error during the purchase such as the app crashing, but the transaction was successful, the issue can easily be fixed.

  1. Go to the Dododex Pro screen in your Dododex app.
  2. Tap “Restore Purchases.” This will check to see if you’ve already purchased Dododex Pro, and if you have, it will upgrade you if there was previously any error.
  3. If it says that there are no purchases to restore, or there is no response, it’s possible that your transaction hasn’t fully settled. This can sometimes take around 8 hours. Please wait and try again.
  4. If that still doesn’t work, try tapping the “Upgrade to Dododex Pro” button. This will sometimes work just as the “Restore Purchases” button. IMPORTANT: If prompted, do not purchase again.

3. Still not working? Please contact me!

Please send an email to dan14lev@gmail.com with:

  • iOS or Android?
  • Your order ID (You should have an email receipt from Google or Apple. If it hasn’t arrived yet, or you didn’t get it, here are the iOS instructions and Android instructions to find your Order ID.)

If possible, please include the following to help me fix any bugs:

  • Are you seeing the ads everywhere? Or just certain spots?
  • When you visit the Dododex Pro screen, does it say you have Dododex Pro? Or does it prompt you to upgrade?
  • Could you describe exactly what what happened when you made the purchase, to the best of your memory? (Did the app crash? Did it say the transaction went through? Did you enter your payment info or use an existing card, etc? Did you accidentally enter the wrong details and then try again?)