Dododex's Knock Out Estimates Are Too Low

TIP: Dododex’s calculations are made to be as accurate as possible since the majority of them are based on the game’s underlying values, however, it’s always best to bring more supplies in case you miss shots.

If you’ve experience knock-out estimates being too low, please consider the following.

1. Make sure your “Seconds Between Hits” is properly configured

The most common reason why you might be seeing lower numbers on Dododex is if your “Seconds Between Hits” is not properly configured. When you hit a creature and inflict torpor, its torpor depletes over time. This means that waiting 10 seconds between a few shots, for example, could cancel out one of the shots, because the creature had time to deplete torpor.

For creatures with high torpor rates (often the stronger creatures), these gaps can have a bigger effect, since the dino’s torpor drops even faster.

2. You might be shooting too SLOW (or missing)

As mentioned above, if you shoot too slow, a dino’s torpor will deplete in between your shots, cancelling out some of the times you hit the dino.

3. You might be shooting too FAST

When you hit a dino, it instantly inflicts torpor, but then it slowly inflicts more torpor over a few seconds. When you hit it a second time, the same will happen, however, if there is still torpor queued up from the first shot, it will begin to create a backlog of torpor to inflict. 

Example: A dino requires 10 arrows, but you’ve shot all 10 so quickly that it hasn’t KOed because it’s only gotten through ~7 arrows worth of torpor so far. Some players might keep shooting since it’s not KOing, but all you would need to do is wait for the backlog to finish.

This can lead to the misconception that Dododex’s calculation is “too low” when in fact the torpor you’ve inflicted just hasn’t finished yet.

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4. Considering hit registration errors in ARK

IMPORTANT: Sometimes, it may appear that you hit a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved, but it was actually registered on the server as a miss.

The graphics and animations of arrows and creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved are rendered on your local PC. The actual trajectory is calculated by the server after you fire, and real dino position according to the server is used to determine hit marks from the server calculations. Sometimes, these can be slightly out of sync, so something can display on your screen as physically hitting a creature, however, on the server, it was actually registered as a miss.

Players have reported that this issue is more commonly seen on quicker and smaller dinos, such as Dimorphodons, however, it can happen to any dino.

This can also apply to headshots and other hitboxes. A creature’s hitbox may not actually be exactly where you expect it to be, so it may appear as though you’re hitting a creature’s head, but it could be registering as a body shot.

If you still feel that Dododex’s calculations are wrong, despite the above, please contact support.