Dododex's Stats Are Different Than My In-Game Stats

Dododex’s stat calculator should be 100% accurate for all ARK: Survival Evolved dinos on console and PC.

ARK: Survival Evolved’s stats system for wild creatures are very straightforward so it’s rare that you’ll find an error with stats on Dododex. However, if you think you’ve found an error, please read below before reporting.

Dododex’s stat calculator is for wild dinos only

Dododex’s stat calculator is not a post-tame stat calculator. You cannot use it for tamed dino stats, since the stats are calculated completely differently – and some dinos have bonus stats applied after they are tamed.

Ensure you’re not on a server with modified wild stats

ARK servers can be modified so that wild dino stats are completely customized. At this time, Dododex does not support these modified stats.

Ensure you don’t have a stat mod, like the “Classic Flyers” mod

Some ARK mods can change wild dino stats. For example, the “Classic Flyers” mod increases flyer stamina. Dododex does not support these mods at this time.

Flyer stamina stats are different on ARK Mobile

On ARK: Survival Evolved for Mobile, flyers have a higher stamina than in the PC/console version of the game. Dododex’s stat calculator will not calculate stamina accurately for these creatures. 

At the moment, Dododex does not offer different stats for different platforms, however, it is something I plan to add in the future.