List of Creature Capability Exceptions on Dododex

Dododex lists each creature’s capabilities (whether it can be carried, damage certain structures, snared by traps, etc.) as a “yes” or a “no,” however, there are some rare exceptions for specific creatures in specific scenarios.  In the future, Dododex may include disclaimers in the app for these rare cases, but for now, here’s a list of the exceptions:

List of Exceptions


  • Gateways: Fits through Tek Gateway
  • Gateways: Fits through Metal Gateway without door
  • Gateways: Does not fit through stone gateway


  • Fits through single doorframe if there is no wall on top.
  • Only fits through double doorframe if two doorframes are stacked (with or without door).

List of Exceptions (ARK Mobile)

ARK Mobile differs slightly from the PC/console game, however, this will likely change when ARK Mobile aligns with the PC/console game in the future.

In some cases, these differences are not labeled in Dododex due to technical restrictions of the app. This is a list of those restrictions.

  • ARK Mobile’s default multipliers are different. For a full list of multipliers, see: Configuring ARK Multipliers on Dododex
  • Flyer stamina is higher on ARK Mobile. Flying creatures have an increased stamina stat in comparison to the PC/console version of the game. Dododex’s stat calculator will not calculate stamina accurately for these creatures.

Carrying Differences

The following creatures cannot be carried by the Argentavis in ARK Mobile (but can on PC/console):

  • Baryonyx
  • Gallimimu
  • Kaprosuchus
  • Procoptodon